Alfredo Despaigne – Granma

Photo: Ricardo Lopez Hevia

Photo: Juan Moreno

Becoming a member of the elite Club 100/30 is not easy in Cuba, because the regular baseball season has 90 games. In the United States players have 162 games during their yearly outing.

Cuba has only two Club 100/30 members . The first 100/30 man was Alexei Bell, and he did it in the 47th National Baseball Series. The second one is Alfredo Despaigne and he did it in……..

Sorry, folks but I forgot. It had to be the 48th or 49th National Baseball Series.

Yulieski Gourriel came very close one year.

This year, in Cuba’s 50th National Baseball Series, things are heating up among Cuban sluggers. There are several that already have 14 homers, and they have only played 36 games so far.

I am putting my money on Jose Dariel Abreu of the Cienfuegos team. He is only 23 years old and he is very, very, good. He is killing the Mizuno 150 in Cuba’s Gold Series.


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