The Netherlands Captures the Gold Medal at the Baseball World Cup

Jose Dariel Abreu after a tough loss for Team Cuba

The Netherlands has proven that it is a good quality baseball team. It defeated Cuba on Saturday night 2 to1 – for the second time in a row on that week – and captured the gold medal at the 39th edition of the Baseball World Cup, which was staged by the International Baseball Federation in Panama.

A silver medal is nothing to be ashamed for Cuba, but in 2011 the Dutch proved that they were the better baseball team. Cuba will have to say what “them bums” from Brooklyn used to say: “wait till next year.” They should console themselves that they were not brought down by the once mighty Yankees. American baseball is now-a-days a sorry spectacle of greed.

The Netherlands is today the new name in baseball. But Cuba will come back. Don’t count her out yet.

There is no doubt that a very high number of “defections” by Cuban baseball players, who constantly chase the almighty dollar, has hurt what once was a baseball powerhouse in the Caribbean.

The capitalist in the United States love to commit theft, and they have “stolen” a lot of good Cuban baseball players.


Dutch Daily News: The Netherlands win IBAF Baseball World Cup

Cubadebate: Aroma de tulipanes, frustración de cubanos (+ Fotos)

Oct 19: Béisbol cubano: de frustraciones y certezas


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