Cuba defeats Venezuela 5-4, but has to sweat it out at the end

This was a tough and ugly game for the criollos, but at the end they prevailed 5-4.

Cuba scored the first run of the game in the bottom of the first inning, and would add another three runs on their sixth inning. The score Cuba 4, Venezuela 0. The criollos probably thought that it was going to be an easy game.

Then came the unlucky seventh inning for Cuba. They committed a monumental error. Their opponents took advantage of it (the Cuban defenses faltered and its relief pitching collapsed), and mounted a four run rally. Tied game. Cuba 4, Venezuela 4.

Alberto Soto pitched one good inning of relief on the eighth and on the ninth Cuba brought in their ace reliever, Yadier Pedroso. He allowed one hit and gave one free pass.

The Cubans were able to hold the Venezuelans and win the game.

Cuba will play Canada tonight at 19:00.


Cubadebate: Cuba debutó con triunfo en el béisbol panamericano

Juventud Rebelde: Cuba vence con susto a Venezuela en el béisbol panamericano


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